• [Free Pattern] DIY Crochet Summer Shorts

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    Crochet shorts are very feminine and dainty. They come in many colors, patterns and silhouettes. I love wearing crochet crop tops and shorts for the beach or at the pool, they’re great summer pieces!

    There is a free written pattern and diagrams made available for us by the amazing people at Fab Art DIY.

    This crochet Summer Shorts or Beach Shorts looks so lacey and pretty, and it’s a little bit challenging for some of us to try. Here are some crochet diagram that we can try to make ourself, we can try some easy lace patterns to start, as long as we figure out how to crochet 2 parts of shorts, it would be easier to crochet shorts and pants.

    Supplies you need:

    cotton yarn
    Crochet hook: 1.5mm

    Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to crochet these awesome summer shorts.

    This image courtesy of fabartdiy.com

    Thanks to Fab Art DIY for this article inspiration and image.

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    89 Comments to [Free Pattern] DIY Crochet Summer Shorts

    1. Wow, well i love these. They’d be great over a bathingsuit or with a thin liner sewn inside. Or keep going and make them longer. I’ll be trying this. 🙂

    2. See through is not feminine. They need lining. Girls are dressing with way more than enough exposure. Time to start dressing less provocative and more modestly. imho

    3. Since many of you asking about lining, I brave myself to ask the related question. I would love to learn how to line crocheted clothes e.g. Dress, tops, and yes this shorts. Can anyone point me to the right direction please?

    4. Actually, I think these are very cute on the condition that you’re under 30 (sadly not me), have a small butt (again, sadly not me) and wear underwear with them (definitely me).

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