• Clever Crochet Modesty Panel Pattern [Free Pattern]

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    What a fantastic idea! Crochet Modesty Panel Pattern by Cristina Popescu is a very clever pattern, a simple triangular piece of lacy crochet that you ca wear attached to your bra and underneath a low cut top so you will not show too much cleavage. Say bye to having to use a tank top or other layer. This cute panel pattern is really fabulous!


    Modesty Panel Free Crochet Pattern

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    12 Comments to Clever Crochet Modesty Panel Pattern [Free Pattern]

    1. Marina Cruz

      I really love this idea. I am a modest person and don’t like pulling my sweater, dress, etc.
      up all the time to see if I am showing my private parts. This is GREAT! Will have to make a lot of them for me and my cousins.

    2. Lilia E Salvador

      I successfully made it. But the problem is, the finished product seems too small for the purpose. Don’t you have other bigger pattern? Thanks!

      • scroll down to the picture of just the modesty panel. under it there is a paragraph. near the end is the creators name, Cristina Popescu. click on her name and then find the underlined link to: a free ravelry download. that will download the pdf to your computer. Hope this helps.

      • I found it……go back to where you see the picture. Under there it says Cristina Popescu and press, then follow to download. Let me know how you make out.

      • By clicking on Christina’s name in the post. It will take you to where it is a free download.

    3. Patricia Shary

      This is a great idea! I just had the problem with a gaping blouse. I am going to make a few in different colors. I am also sending this pin to others.