[Free Pattern] These Are The Best Looking Crochet Baby-Chucks I’ve Seen Yet!

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Treat little feet with these adorable crochet baby shoes! They are the perfect first pair of crochet converse for baby. This Crochet Baby Converse pattern by Suzanne Resaul is by far the best looking baby-chucks versions I’ve seen yet. And totally free! There are many patterns available on the  crochet world but I like the shaping in this one a lot!

The written pattern has received tons of great reviews for the attention to detail with the intention of helping the most novice crocheter! This is such a fun project to see come together. And how about the cute converse logo on the heel? Have you seen something more adorable?

I do make these in many sizes, shorter/longer, thinner/fatter, smaller/taller, but after a week of trying just to explain one pair, I no longer have the brain power to explain the other sizes. Hopefully, after you’ve made one you’ll understand the process.

I have included a variation to do the black trimmed version, more like an actual shoe. Personally, I prefer the two colour version, but as I said before, didn’t want to leave anything out. And since I didn’t have a black trim one around to photograph, it became the model for most of this.

Crochet Baby ConverseImage source: flickr

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Thanks to Suzanne Resaul for this article inspiration and images.

Got inspired? Happy day crocheting!

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  2. I gave this pattern a try yesterday – does anyone else struggle with the toe? I had to make some variations to the pattern to get it to work for me. But still a fun pattern, I’m finishing up the second shoe tonight.

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