[Free Pattern] Simple And Delicious Watermelon Crochet Blanket

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How many times have you referred of a blanket as delicious? Surely, not too many! Here is your chance to crochet this quick easy and delicious watermelon blankie so you can call it delicious every time you talk about it after that. And you will talk a lot about it because the pattern is so unusual and on the other hand everybody likes watermelon, one of the most popular and delicious fruits out there.
The Watermelon Crochet Blanket pattern designed by Tara Gypsy Apples is unbelievable simple and the results are absolutely spectacular! Enjoy!


You Will Need

2 ball Chunky Yarn – red
1 ball Chunky Yarn – black
1 ball Chunky Yarn – light green

[Free Pattern] Simple And Delicious Watermelon Crochet Blanket

View the full written pattern 

Thanks to Tara Gypsy Apples  for the article inspiration and featured image.

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