[Free Pattern] How to Crochet The Perfect Rose

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What do you think first when you see a rose? Beauty? Love? They are heart-stoppingly beautiful to the eye, and their aroma is equally show-stopping.
Follow the video tutorial bellow, courtesy of Kate from KatiCrafts and learn how to make a stunningly beautiful crochet rose that’ so perfect, it looks almost real!
This perfect crochet rose pattern will make every flower lover a big fan!


Yarn: I used Novita’s crochet yarn for this particular rose. The yarn is 100% mercerised cotton. (You can pretty much use any yarn you wish.) I find that a rather thin yarn works best.

Hook: Depending on thickness (weight) of your yarn, use whichever hook suitable. For Novita’s crochet yarn, I used JMRA’s hook size 1,25mm (8).

And a needle to stitch it all up!

How to Crochet The Perfect Rose Video Tutorial

Get your The Perfect Rose Free Crochet Pattern at: KatiCrafts

Thanks to Kati for the article inspiration and featured image.

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  1. A written pattern sure would be helpful. A 20+ minute video in rural areas requires a whole lot of bandwidth.

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