[Free Pattern] Basic Crocheted Socks

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You may feel that socks are not particularly difficult with any pattern but you’ll be pleasantly surprised seeing how this one is just extra clear and easy to do. And not only that but the socks look great, too! Basic Sock pattern by Nicole Cormier will inspire you to make a pair of crochet socks, then another, then another!
Done with a slightly wider toe this pattern is especially for all those who have tried other crochet sock patterns and failed. Before giving up on trying to crochet socks, give this pattern a try. You’ll be glad you did!


Basic Crocheted Socks Free Pattern

The following are measurements that I achieved with this pattern.
Small = Finished size 6 ¾” (for a foot that measures 7­7 ½” around the ball)
Medium = Finished size 8” (for a foot that measures 8 ½­9” around the ball)
Large = Finished size 9 ¼” (for a foot that measures 9­9 ½” around the ball)
X Large = Finished size 10” (for a foot that measures 10 ½­11” around the ball)

[Free Pattern] Basic Crocheted Socks

Check out the original source for this [Free Pattern] Basic Crocheted Socks with all the directions and full written pattern at: Simple Sock Making

Thanks to Nicole Cormier for the article inspiration and featured image.

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