Amazing Crochet Baby Doll Free Pattern

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This is probably the most realistic crochet baby doll pattern we’ve ever seen! Seriously, Baby Louis by Cleoschrochetart is an absolutely amazing doll free crochet pattern! This crochet baby doll is so realistic in its details and the stitch work is purely art and so truly impressive. This great little pattern is written in two languages: English and German and it’s so much fun to make!



Baby Louis Crochet Baby Doll Free Pattern

• 250 gramm cotton 50g/115m beige (Hautfarben) or 250 gramm Acrylic
50g/133m each for hook 3-4mm
• For the eyes a little bit of white, black and blue and for the mouth a little bit of
• Stuffmaterial
• Hook 2,5 mm
• Hook 2,0 mm

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Amazing Crochet Baby Doll Free Pattern

Get the Pattern —>Baby Louis Crochet Baby Doll Free Pattern

Thanks to Cleoschrochetart for the article inspiration and featured image.

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